Why CellSoft?

My first private experience with computers was the Commodore C64 back in 1982, mostly playing those fantastic games like Fort Apokalypse, Scramble, Zaxxon, Blue Max, Ace and Survivor, just to mention some.

Later on I did my first steps in programming using Commodore BASIC. I did a couple of programs in Commodore BASIC which are not really worth mentioning until I started to give the assembler language a try. The first and last assembly program on the C64 that I did was in 1985 and is a pure action game called Counterblast.

Counterblast can be downloaded from this site for historic reasons. If you are really desperately wanting to play this game, you will need to have a Commodore C64 or an emulator like e.g. CCS64 for Windows or Frodo for any other platform. You can download all the games you've ever wanted and the emulators for your current computer from Lemon 64 for free. Like all my other programs written before on the Commodore C64, Counterblast was distributed under the CellSoft label. In the following section, you can see a couple of Counterblast screenshots, taken with the Frodo emulator running on Windows NT. If you are using Windows 95/98/NT or 2000, I recommend to use the CCS64 emulator, which is even better then using a real Commodore C64.

Figure 1: Initial Screen
Figure 2: First Level
Figure 3: First Level
Figure 4: Second Level

Download Counterblast C64 Diskimage

My next computer after the Commodore C64 was a Commodore Amiga 2000. I have bought this wonderful machine in 1987. These times, the Commodore Amiga was far ahead of any other computer on the market. I've used my Amiga 2000 mainly to support me in my studies at university and to learn myself C using the SAS/C compiler. Also the Video & CD-Archive was initially developed on this machine. The Video & CD-Archive was also distributed commercially by DATA Becker later on and was a real big success for me those days.

In 1993 I've got myself an Amiga 4000/40 for programming, work and internet access. Finally in 1998 I've bought myself the first PC, running Linux and Windows 98 SE. On my PC I have developed a couple of programs using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. Those programs register theirselfes in the Windows Registry using again the label CellSoft. So the name CellSoft has a quite long personal history and it was quite natural for me to name my first own internet domain accordingly.

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