I`ve studied telecommunications engineering at the TU Darmstadt. My student research project was on the Investigation of an amplification-control for a hands-free speaking system. My diploma work was on a PALplus research project, which I did in 1994 for the Panasonic European Laboratories. Afterwards I`ve been working on a research project for the German Telekom in the area of Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) and OFDM envelope stabilization. During this period, my former colleague and myself released a publication about Polyphase Barker Sequences in the "Electronics Letters" journal. From october 1994 to march 1999, I have been working as a Software Design Engineer and Project Manager in the R & D department of Nokia Telecommunications in the area of V5, ISDN (narrowband) and especially in TMN (Q3 information modelling and Q3 agent software) and DCN concepts. Working with Nokia, I have developed a couple of patents in the V5 and TMN area. All patents are available both international and in german. See the German Patent Office for abstracts and full versions of the patents. From april 1999 to september 2000, I have been working in the System Engineering department of Fujitsu Telecom Deutschland in the TMN, especially Service Management (Trouble Ticketing and Order Management) and Broadband IP area. Since october 2000, I am working in the Optical Networks Technical Sales for Nortel (since 2010 Ciena). Together with two colleagues, I have developed another patent in the optical network area. My latest patent filing in 2009 is about a new network paradigm, based on a ROADM-less optical network architecture with Optical Multicast Routing devices and coherent detection.

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Harald Zottmann
Hirschpfad 7
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E-Mail: harald.zottmann@cellsoft.de
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